Blogs i Love!

A few posts ago i was telling you how great are blogs i've discovered.
I keep following them and i think they are truly fun and sometimes even inspiring (really!)
Blogs are not always about food, fashion and blah blah blah, or actually they are since it's part of everybody's life but it is so much more than that!

Those gals are awesome!

So here is my list 

My absolute favorite is :

And then :

Best Man Ever!

Did i tell you when i came home friday night, my J. made dinner?
It was soooo good, he is really the best :)

And after that great meal we went to the Eiffel Tower (like real tourists) but i can't help it, i just love that place.

Etc etc...



Le Petit Prince, my favorite book ever! You can discover it here

Vitamine Water are Goood!


My Mum reappeard!
She called me, finally. She was really surprised i didn't get her voicemail message where she was saying that her phone, for some reason, didn't work anymore.
She is fine, she had great vacations and she's back in Brussels for two weeks and then she going back to south again.
This time we are definatly going to see them for the long august 15th week-end! Sooo happy :)

I had an amazing week-end so far!
Yesterday we went walking around, the wheater was so nice and the sun is finally back!!
On the evening we went to a picnic on the docks. It was amazing, great time and laugh with friends. That kind of day makes you feel bless and really happy.

Today we going to Paris Plage since the sun is bright! Maybe try to find a ping-pong table since J. loves it and have a great dinner somewhere later.

Later :)



This morning i was at the bus stop and i saw that poster (Atelier de l'acteur) not the one of that creepy guy on the right. I check their website and i'm seriously consider it. I mean by that taking acting class.
When i was younger i used to tell everybody "i want to be an actress, i want to be an actress!"
Somewhere along the way i've lost it but i can use some acting class for fun, i guess.

I would like to do something during my free time, and i just have no idea what.
I not big on sport (even if i go sometime run with J)
I like to cook (but mostly at home), sadly, i don't play any music instrument,..
So maybe i will take that class, and a nice dancing class, or maybe a book club!
And i can even taking piano practice, plus i have always wanted to speak spanish!

Some of you may not know that i'm NOT actually obsessed with Ladurée, i'm "just" working there.
That explain why i eat so (too) much desserts from there and also why my desk is decorate with Laduree goodies. Thank god i'm in the office and not in the shops (or i swear i will had gain like 20kg in a few months!)

But come on, doesn't it seems yummy?

Tarte framboise passion :

Boutique Secret Ladurée Rue Bonapart, Paris

So lovely!


My Pictures of Wednesday!


Delicious dinner with the girls at Le Café des Anges

Sour Face



My Mum is missing, my sweet little mummy!

I have no idea how or where she is. Crazy right?

We were supposed to go see them (her, my step-father and my little sister) in the south for the long week-end of July 14th but then for some reason we didn't went and since even a week before that, No news. So strange...
I try to call but her phone is off. I try to think that she have soooooo much fun that she completely forgets to call her loving child altough that possibility is real slim.
I try to not freaking out, she is probably fine and spend some good vacations under the great french riviera sun, but still!

Note for her (Who knows? Maybe she is reading my blog) :
It is not cool to that to your girl Mother!
And specially when your 50th birthday is coming in a few days, you should know better  ;)

Just kidding, hope you have THE best time! 

That's a first

Here it's the very first time i'm blogging from work.
It said enough on my mood, don't you think?

I'm starting to be office-intolerant, ughh.
Days are just long extended very quiet hours who are grub all my so-precious time.
I'm not here to complaining at all, i even start to think that sometimes being bored as hell can be a good thing (when you have a blog!).

Of course i try to look on the bright side, i have a very decent salary, convenient schedules, nice co-workers so what? Well, i'm feeling sad here, bored, almost useless (not in the company but in life), when you spend your day sit in your ass just dreaming about some place else it is really depressing.
I expect more, I want more from life. Fulfill every moments with great experiences, interesting people, inspiring things. Sounds ridiculous right? I'm talking stupid-dreamy-teen-queen shit but i can't help myself...
I hate loosing time!

Exept that part, everything is perfect right now.
J. found a job!
He seems satisfied and since we have found a place to live, all our (teeny-tiny) problems are solved. I'm really happy with him, for good :)

I have discover a LOT of great blogs lately (i will make a list soon).
Which is great caus' it makes you feel (at least make me feel) you're not the only one!
To what? Anything! (You can't make a perfect soufflé? Me neither! You don't have the motivation to go running an hour every morning? Me neither! You and your fiancé fight over a movie or a tvshow (BreakingBad Vs Drop Dead Diva)? Me too! You are a great business self-employed women who is about to conquer the world? Well ok.. i'm not but gosh i wish!!

Maybe i have developed a very commun unhealthy sickness : curiosity! Thanks the 2.0 generation.


Same old Same old..

It is Sunday.
I didn't do much of my week-end and i'm feeling depressed when i'm thinking the week-end is almost over.

I've realize that i'm made to work from home. That's what i realy, deeply want.
I would love to write, create, blogging during my day. I have one idea per minute, and at least one workable idea every fifteen minutes, not bad huh? Now i need all the rest, connections, money, time, to make them concrete.

I mean it is really fun to dress up to go working, to chat with co-workers, having lunch in hip places, going to meetings (sometimes) and feeling so relief when comes 6pm or even more when it 6pm on friday.
BUT it is such a happiness to not being awake by the alarm, run after the bus (in heels please), having a boss and instead work from a charming office corner in your own house, put some music on if you want to, going for a walk if you need inspiration, being surrounded by your own freindly stuff, not being interupt by co-workers blablabla...
Sounds the perfect work environement for me!
Also lot of people thinks that, and when they are alone heavily regrets their choice. I know (for already did it short period) that's not my case.

It's a luxury only a hand full of people can really afford. So, let's hope, one day...

Love Love Love this!


My Day

Hello There!

Today, I thought it would be fun to show you my day in pictures!
I like to take some pics of different moments of the day, i often send them to my mom (it's a bit like she was here with me (miss u mum!)).

So that was my thursday :

Breakfast :

Arriving at Work :

Coffee Time :

My Desk :

Which one?

My Choice : Le Divin

Concert sur le Parvis de l'Hôtel de Ville!

I saw Aaron!!!! Love them


Wise week-end word!

Good, better, best.
Never let it rest.
'Til your good is better
and your better is best.

Creepily happy

For those who follow that blog, I know it may sounds very boring these days.
I'm all about happiness and love. I'm on hippie mode!
Don't worry, i'm still that crazy, confused and over-analyzer gal who want to do a million things in her life.

My fears has just shut and i feel released. At least for now.
So i'm going to enjoy that relaxing and loving place where i stand and try to remain it as long as i can.

Sorry by advance for all the boring ramblings you may will witness ;)


14th Of July! Part II

Awesome 14th of July!

It was great! Almost a million people in front of the Effeil Tower yesterday.
Great shows and amazing fireworks on the sound of the musicals (Singing in the Rain, Les demoiselles de Cherbourg, Evita, Roméo & Juilette, Les X commandements,...) was just magical!
I was like a child with a big smile on my face :)


14th Of July!

Firstival :

We did!
We found a place. It's perfectly located, 20' from works. One block to the subway in a great neighborhood ( Bastille) surrounded by trendy bars and restaurants. The appartment is a big 3 bedrooms. We have a big one, square, white walls, big window, perfect!
The roomates are nice, one boy who came back from Autralia and New Zeland and one girl who is really involved with charity and volunteering, they both our age.

Secondival :

Today is the 14th of July!
I hope for a great sun, cauz' we are going to a picnic with some friends and after probably see open concerts and watch the fireworks at the Eiffel Tooower.

Yesterday J. and i went to a party on the docks (Xème arrondissement). It was crazy!
Tons of people, good music, dancing, drinking wine. Was really fun.

I'm going to enjoy that looong week-end at the most. Want to spend such quality time : Sleeping (even if i went to bed around 3.30am and i'm awake since 9 this morning!), eat things i love, watch The Office season 7, try to get (even a small) tan, see my friends, laugh with my love :)

We where supposed to go meet my mum, my step-father and my little sister in the south but i've wait to long to buy the train tickets and when they werent soldout they were crazy expensive (Stupid national day!). Sooo... sadly, any so much waited/wanted family time for this month   :(

I finally get myself to the idea of staying here a year more and i'm fine with it.
But i have constantly need some escape (books, movies, tvshows, blogs, websites) to reminding me what i really want. Crazy right?
So wanted to be in a Florida beach, or in a Californian park, or in a Louisianna small town, or in New Orleans right now.
Instead, i'm in Paris living a very city dweller and urban life...
I know, i know, i am lucky! Paris is amazingly great but i just feel that is not for me long term speaking.
It's a strange feeling to be under the impression that you belong elsewhere.
As Eric Weiner said :

"Maybe Happiness is this : Not feeling like you should be
elsewhere, doing something else, being someone else"

And that awesome dude is sooo right!



Hey hey,

It's the week-end finallly!
The weather is great and life is gooood.
We didn't find a place to move yet, but we are seriously searching now. Hard in Paris thought..

J. had move in for good since 3 weeks and he really belongs here.
He comes to pick me up at work almost every day and we go walking around the beautiful streets of Paris, and then dinner.
I mean, how many time in a life time can you experienced a perfect "bohemian's way of life"? ahah

We going to enjoy at the most our year in Paris, and then go to Montréal for a year.
After that, we'll see..
I'm dying to go back to the States but since Canada is not fa, we will be alble to spend some week-ends there and see old friends and it will be just perfect!

I've discover a new (at least for me) tv show calls The City!
I know, i know shame.on.me! It's super superficial and sickeningly girly but it's make me dream and that is priceless (there is some amazing views of NYC bTw). Whitney Port is so cute and adorable, genuine & so-not-bitchy. It's refreshing! 

Things at work are good, but i've decided to stop taking things personally and just do my work. point. I want to enjoy my summer so i will do my 9 to 6pm monday-friday and that's absolutely it.
One. Year. And after that ByeBye dear office!

We going to meet my parents in the south of France this summer, 4 days in july an 4 days in August. It will be some teeny tiny vacations! And i will see my little sis', and that's is making me soooooo happy happy happy :)