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Derniers articles

Snippets of Life

mardi, mai 21, 2019 1
It's a little crazy to think that in 4 days we'll be in Hawai!  I'm SO excited, you can't imagine I know that...

Life is Sweet

mardi, mai 07, 2019 0
Life has been amazingly beautiful and sweet these past couples of months I moved from the east side to the west side - for those wh...

Mon experience de volontariat avec "Feed My Starving Children"

vendredi, mai 03, 2019 0
By a lovely Saturday, we took the drive to Mesa to spend a few hours with the amazing people at Feed My Starving Children .  Giving...

Phoenix Art Museum

mercredi, mars 20, 2019 0
Le musee d'art de Phoenix n'est peut etre pas le plus grand mais ses collections n'en sont pas moins impressionnantes pou...

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