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Hey there! 
Thanks for stopping by 
I'm Julie 

 i was born and raised in Brussels, Belgium 
I’ve lived in Paris, NYC, L.A & traveled well 
The two most beautiful countries I’ve traveled to so far are Turkey and Thailand ! 

I moved to Phoenix over a year ago and absolutely love it!
I miss my family like crazy though...
My friends too.. but I got lucky enough to meet amazing people here. 

In life, I’m passionate about human nature/behavior, understanding how the brain/mind works and why people are how they are and do what they do, geo politics, criminology, body language, traveling & reading. 

I’m also a huge fashion and beauty enthusiast! 
I’ve worked on both side of the spectrum with on one hand a great job at l’Oreal where I got a lifetime supply of makeup and beauty products of all kind and another job, a year later, where I was investigating international financial transactions against terrorism. 

Funny facts about me :

- My birthday is on St Patrick’s Day!

- I won the Green Card Lottery on my very first try 

- I wish I could tell you that I love working out and do trendy things like hot yoga, CrossFit and Pilate, but I don’t. The only sports I like doing is everything Martial Art - especially Krav Maga and Kenpo 

- It takes me less than 30 min to be fully ready in the morning 

- I’m introverted but I’m not shy. I love people but hate small talks 

- I’m a dog person 

- I’m in the process of getting my Private Investigator licence 

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