Same old Same old..

By Julie - dimanche, juillet 24, 2011

It is Sunday.
I didn't do much of my week-end and i'm feeling depressed when i'm thinking the week-end is almost over.

I've realize that i'm made to work from home. That's what i realy, deeply want.
I would love to write, create, blogging during my day. I have one idea per minute, and at least one workable idea every fifteen minutes, not bad huh? Now i need all the rest, connections, money, time, to make them concrete.

I mean it is really fun to dress up to go working, to chat with co-workers, having lunch in hip places, going to meetings (sometimes) and feeling so relief when comes 6pm or even more when it 6pm on friday.
BUT it is such a happiness to not being awake by the alarm, run after the bus (in heels please), having a boss and instead work from a charming office corner in your own house, put some music on if you want to, going for a walk if you need inspiration, being surrounded by your own freindly stuff, not being interupt by co-workers blablabla...
Sounds the perfect work environement for me!
Also lot of people thinks that, and when they are alone heavily regrets their choice. I know (for already did it short period) that's not my case.

It's a luxury only a hand full of people can really afford. So, let's hope, one day...

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