By Julie - vendredi, juillet 29, 2011

This morning i was at the bus stop and i saw that poster (Atelier de l'acteur) not the one of that creepy guy on the right. I check their website and i'm seriously consider it. I mean by that taking acting class.
When i was younger i used to tell everybody "i want to be an actress, i want to be an actress!"
Somewhere along the way i've lost it but i can use some acting class for fun, i guess.

I would like to do something during my free time, and i just have no idea what.
I not big on sport (even if i go sometime run with J)
I like to cook (but mostly at home), sadly, i don't play any music instrument,..
So maybe i will take that class, and a nice dancing class, or maybe a book club!
And i can even taking piano practice, plus i have always wanted to speak spanish!

Some of you may not know that i'm NOT actually obsessed with Ladurée, i'm "just" working there.
That explain why i eat so (too) much desserts from there and also why my desk is decorate with Laduree goodies. Thank god i'm in the office and not in the shops (or i swear i will had gain like 20kg in a few months!)

But come on, doesn't it seems yummy?

Tarte framboise passion :

Boutique Secret Ladurée Rue Bonapart, Paris

So lovely!

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