By Julie - lundi, novembre 14, 2011

Well Hello,

I hope you had a nice and fun week-end!
Mine was, well, kinda bitter sweet...

I saw my father, my family, my friends which was great!
But some bad news waited for me here... So the comeback was harsh (stolen wallet, passeport, creditcard, house keys, Ipod... All J's  :(  )
I don't really want to talk about it, but let me say that everything can be close to perfection for months and suddenly life can kick you pretty hard,  even when you're already down.

Anyway i did had a great time, ate delicious food, played to much with the Wii, talked a lot to my mom and enjoy every second of it   :)

So good to be home and spending time with my beautiful family,  But J, i miss you wayyyy to much!!

Me and Tiny Me  

Mommy and Kendra 



  Le Roxy! 

My pretty friend Wafah 

                                                              Les gaufres 


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