Survol du Groenland

Our day started early Monday morning in Brussels and ended 20 hours later in a hotel on the outskirts of LAX airport in Los Angeles.

For the first time since I came to the US, our flight flew over Iceland, Greenland and the far north of Canada before gently descending to California.
The scenery * was breathtaking throughout the trip, so I stayed taped to the porthole a good deal of time.
The flight to London, the stopover, the 11h of the next flight, the passage to the customs (my Green Card is officially validated by the way !!) and the actual arrival went perfectly, without any problems.
We got our rental car (A great Jeep!) And got settled in a cozy little hotel on Sunset Boulevard for a week before heading out.
This morning, on the program, visit with feet of Downtown LA!
Stay tuned for the pictures
* These photos do not do him justice

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