Philosophy : Pure Grace

Philosophy : 

Life is precious and should be handled with grace.
When we walk in gratitude, in every moment,  we empowered ourselves by empowering our spirits. Each act of grace blooms with beauty. 
Grace is gratitude, surrender, faith, forgiveness, good manners, reverence and the list goes on.
Show grace under pressure. 
Miracles happend every day, every where at every moment that we live and breathe. 
If grace has a face it smiles and is lit from within. Grace is one simple act that makes an amazing inpact. 
Grace is one simple act that makes an amazing impact. Caring for others begins with caring for ourselves. Inner grace is the deepest, sweetest peace you will ever know. Grace keeps you grounded. In a true state of grace there is no longer a sense of time or space. Living in grace demands that life be lived with urgency, joy, and without any attachment to outcomes. 
A graceful heart is forever young. When you practice grace, you gain a greater sense of well-being and contribute to the greater good. In the end, it all comes down to one word, Grace... 

"Pure Grace is the clean smell of soap and water; the memory of fresh air woven into a set of crisp, white cotton sheets; a cold, deep breath on a snowy winter night; the best summer morning you have ever known; the one white t-shirt that feels better than all the rest."

And i'm obsessed with that smell. Obsessed. 

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