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By Julie - dimanche, février 03, 2013

My dear cutie pies, 

Don't forget that this blog have moved over here --> CanSoupLover.Com 

Yes, yes i do have a legit website now. How cool, huh? 
I still have lots of internationals visitors, readers who are linking via Google Reader or my Google Profile and a few comments from my english readers, so i thought you probably don't know that now, my space is written in english exclusively, Just for yooou. 

Why don't i just redirect you through CanSoupLover directly? 
Because this little blog remain active, in French. I have to admit that i have different purposes for this "old" baby. 
Since i'll be moving across the world soon, i want to keep this space for family, friends and everyone who wants to join, of course. It will be more like a diary when my website will cover various topics. 

Since i moved to WordPress you might want to subscribe via RSS or follow me via the WordPress platform since i don't have GFC anymore. It's basically like starting from scratch and i have to admit that it feels a little weird and i miss you guys sooo much! 

So come to join me now? Please?  

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1 commentaires

  1. I like reading it in French because it's good practice for me :)