Lately Instagram & a Winner!

Okay, Okay you can go right at the end of this post to know the winner of the Giveaway! I know you don't really care about my pictures anyway! Haha (kidding!)  :)

C'est bon, c'est bon, je vous autorise à glisser directement à la fin du post pour connaître le gagnant du concours! Après tout, on s'en fous de mes photos, HEIN? :p 

And without further adieu, The Winner is......

Et sans plus attendre, Le gagnant est......... 

Which means Miss Ly!!

Qui n'est autre que Mademoiselle Ly!! 

Thanks to EVERYBODY!

Merci à TOUS! 


Sunday Thoughts

Lately I’ve been having difficulty getting the words out. My thoughts are disjointed paragraphs, and maybe that’s a reflection of life right now.
I feel confused.
For now, my life is happy, organized and peaceful which i totally and completely enjoy, but i can't help myself wondering about the futur.

I'm not one who lets the futur happend.
I'm not one who dreams about things without making them concrete.
I've always thought that i'm the master of my own destiny (sounds so powerfully wierd) and since i'm terrified by the idea of waisting time, i've to take things in hands.

At this point you will probably start to ask what's wrong with me (and honnestly, i don't have a clue) I have a satisfying job with a permanent contract, a decent salary, a cute little studio in Paris, i have friends, the best family and a billion useless material things like pretty purses, shoes, an Iphone and a fancy coffee machine.
It's supposed to be enough to feel proud and complete (Is it? ).
I guess i could live like that forever. Playing the game of life and pretend to be happy and most of all pretend like i don't expect anything else from life.
That's the problem.
I do expect more.

But i'm not a reckless 20 years old anymore. I have to take this seriously and aknowledge the fact that this will have some impact on my life for real before to quit everything i have.

So for now, i have quiet a few possibilities. They are all involving big changes. 

The first one :

Moving to Thaïland for a year. Working for a french company in Chiang Mai. Having a year full of exotism, culture, new traditions and be able to learn a new language.

The second one :

Spending 6 months in Vermont, volonteering in a program for men and women getting out of prison so that they can successfully transition back into the community.

As you may know, i've studying criminology and i am passionnate about the subject, so this one definitely is the most interesting, minus the volonteer part. which obviously means no salary.

The third one :

Spend one year in Canada. I will have a visa, so i will be able to work if i want/need to or just travel around and discover this amazing country if my savings are allowed me to.

That is for the big ones, i have a few other but less concrete. 
I have no idea about which one i will choose or more likely which one will chooses me.
My only hope is that one choice will lead me to my destiny.
I'm trustfull and have no fear. But for now i've to decide.

It is wide open...

Wise Week-end Words



Someday you just want to hide from the whole world and stay in bed!
Today was one of those... 
But i did went to work.
How brave am i??! 

Y a des jours où la seule chose qu'on ait envie est de se planquer sous la couette et se cacher 
Aujourd'hui était un de ceux là...
Mais j'ai quand même été bosser
Alors c'est qui la plus courageuse?? 

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I Was Here


My First Giveaway!

For  the first time i had to start with a killer one, right? 
And who can be more awesome than Yves Saint Laurent?! 

All you have to do is : 

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II) Comment this post 

And spread the word my friends, spread the word   ;) 

Pour mon 1er concours, il fallait évidemment que cela en vaille la peine, pas vrai?
C'est pourquoi j'ai choisi le carnet de note Yves Saint Laurent!

Pour avoir une chance de le gagner, rien de plus simple

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Soyez chou, passez le mot!  

This Giveaway will close on tuesday and the winner will be randomly choose!
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Phone pictures of the week-end

How was your week-end?
As i told you, two of my ex-coworkers from Brussels came to visit me and we did had a lot of fun!

Comment s'est passé le week-end? 
Comme je vous le disais, deux de mes anciennes collègues de Bruxelles sont venues me rendre visite. 
Papotage, rire, visites et restos étaient au programme. Trop fun   :) 



Because i know you are curious

*Parce que je sais que vous êtes curieux

  • We ate the king cake at the office (i know, 15 days too late but i don't care i did got the bean!) and drank champagne at 10 am
  • One of my neighbor stole my BirchBox
  • One of my neighbor also stole an another package from Etats Pur (here) so basically now, i hate everybody in my building + the mailman 
  • Two of my ex-coworkers are coming in Paris this week-end 
  • I did had a lot of people visiting lately in a short amount of time considering in a whole year nobody came... 
  • It is warm and wet outside (with rain, that is) 
  • I hired somebody to change my mailbox lock 
  • He is supposed to arrived right now (actually 10 min ago) 
  • I did buy some new gorgeous shoes 
  • My complete file has been sended to the Canadian Embassy 
  • I am now waiting for an answer (no stress AT ALL) 
  • I did see an interesting job offer in Cambodge (for 6 months) and i might consider it seriously
  • I have an amazing news but i don't want to talk about it cauz' it's not sure yet and i don't want to Jinx it 
  • Oh! And i painted my nails red (Vodka + Caviar by OPI) 

  • On a mangé la galette des rois au bureau (je sais, on s'y prend 15 jours trop tard mais je m'en fiche j'ai eu la fève!) et on bu du champagne à 10h du mat'
  • Un de mes voisins a volé ma Box MyLittleParis
  • Un de mes voisins (je suppose qu'il s'agit de la même vile et méprisable personne) a aussi subtilisé mon colis Etats Pur (ici) donc évidemment, pour le moment, je hais absolument tout le monde dans mon immeuble + le facteur
  •  Deux de mes anciennes collègues viennent passer le week-end à Paris 
  • J'ai effectivement reçu beaucoup de visites en peu de temps dernièrement, étant donné que personne n'est venu me voir pendant plus d'un an...
  • Il fait presque chaud et très humide dehors 
  • J'ai engagé quelqu'un pour changer ma serrure de boite aux lettres
  • Il devrait arrivé là (en fait, il est déjà en retard de 10 min) 
  • Je me suis achetée des escarpins canons
  • Mon dossier complet de PVT a été envoyé à l'ambassade du Canada
  • J'attends maintenant la réponse (absolument PAS stressée) 
  • J'ai vu une offre d'emploi intéressante au Cambodge pour 6 mois, je pourrai envisager sérieusement d'y répondre
  • J'ai une super nouvelle mais je ne veux pas encore en parler dans la mesure où ce n'est pas sûr et je ne veux pas porter la poisse
  • Oh! Et je me suis fait les ongles en rouge pétant (Vodka + Caviar de chez OPI) 


The Office!

I just really really like this   :)

 And SORRY for the lack of quality of this one! But it gets you the idea and if you didn't saw the Episode yet, GO NOW seriously!


"I bought the boat tickets the day I saw that YouTube video. I knew we'd need a backup plan. The boat was actually plan C. The church was plan B. And plan A was marring her a long, long time ago. Pretty much the day I met her." 

I want to cry every time i hear Jim saying that.... 

Happy Friday! 

Both video from Youtube 


Books, music & stuff

I wanted to share with you a few things i really like when it comes to books, music, movie or tvshows.
it is indeed an eclectic mix but it is just the way i like things.
i may be a goofy laugher while watching The Hangover and when the movie's over jump right on a Baudelaire's novel.

Aujourd'hui, je voulais partager avec vous mes goûts en matière de lecture, de musique, de films et de séries télé.
Vous trouverez ceratinement ce mélange pour le moins éclectique mais c'est exactement comme cela que j'aime les choses. Chaotique!
Je peux être morte de rire devant un film genre Very bad Trip et dès qu'il se termine sauter sur un roman de Baudelaire (si si!)

Books :

A few years ago one of my friend introduced me to Mrs Stephanie Plum by Janet Evanovich.
I think i've probably read them all and believe me it is hilarious!

In the same kind, you also have the very good Lisa Lutz and her crazy detective family : The Spellman!

Not chicklit
Good Stuff

Il y a quelques temps une de mes amies m'a fait lire les aventures de la déjantées Stéphanie Plum, héroïne de Janet Evanovich!
Je pense que je les ai absolument tous lu et croyez moi, c'est hilarant!

Dans le même genre il y a aussi la très bonne Lisa Lutz avec sa famille de détectives privés completement oufs, Les Spelleman!

Du pur bonheur


In a totally different kind, i really like the book i'm about to finish : Brooklin by Colm Toibin
It's a  beautiful story and i higly recomend it.

Dans un tout autre genre, j'aime beaucoup le livre que je termine à l'instant.
Brooklin de Colm Toibin. L'histoire est riche et émouvante. Je recommande.

i do also enjoy good and smart polar. Those two were Ah-Ma-Zing!

Decomposition by J. Eric Miller  and  The Calling of the Grave by Simon Beckett

J'aime aussi les polars bien ficelés et ceux-ci le sont carrément!

Décomposition de J. Eric Miller et La mort à nu de Simon Beckett

                   Version Française                                      English version

and those are really good too...
Et ceux-ci sont très bons aussi...

Music :

When it comes to music, 3 women won my heart lately.
They are basically the only thing i listen to...

Niveau musique, dernièrement, il y a 3 nanas qui m'ont littéralement conquis
Je ne vis que par elles (ou presque)...

I)  Agnès Obel    (Man, i adore that picture!!!)

II) Lana Del Ray

Lykke Li

Movies :

i did saw a lot of movies in 2011. My personnal favorite was with no surprise The Black Swan, followed closely by Midnight in Paris and Intouchables (a french movie).

J'ai vu pas mal de films au cinéma en 2011. Mes préférés sont évidemment The Black Swan,
Suivi de près par Midnight in Paris et Intouchables.

I also did love The Artist. Jean Dujardin is amazing

J'ai aussi beaucoup aimé L'Artiste. Jean Dujardin est incroyable

The Artist

These were really good too

Ceux-ci étaient excellents aussi

La Piel que habitoThe LadyLes aventures de Tintin : Le secret de la LicorneTrue GritVery Bad Trip 2MelancholiaLimitlessRien à déclarer

And now.... The... TV SHOWS!
Yes i'm addicted. Completely. Desperatly

Et maintenant..... Les SERIES TELE!
Oui, je suis accro. Définitivement

My new favorites are :
Mes nouveaux chouchoux sont :

My old absolute favorites are :
Et mes anciens chouchoux sont :

NO, i don't like vampires. I love True Blood
NON, je n'aime pas les vampires. J'aime True Blood

Now, your turn!!

Maintenant, à vous!!