Once Uppon a Time...

By Julie - mercredi, novembre 21, 2012

We were fairies
We were living in a pink world
We were dancing and singing and laughing all day long

Now, we are humans and the best we can do is playing dress up and pretend...  :) 

Il était une fois... 

Nous étions des fées
Nous vivions dans un monde tout rose
Nous dansions, chantions et riions toute la journée

Maintenant, nous sommes humaines et le mieux que nous puissions faire, c'est se déguiser en faisant semblant...  :) 

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3 commentaires

  1. Cute photos :D ! I love the 2nd one ^.^

    xoxo Gracie'

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time! I often find myself wishing I were a fairy too, though it's been way too long since I played dress up. Might have to try and retrieve my old pair of wings again:)


  3. This post is so whimsical. I love it!!
    And these pictures are fabulous!
    xo TJ