By Julie - samedi, novembre 10, 2012

Here are a few Instagram of the past couple of weeks, as you can see, because now, i'm at home, in Brussels  :) 

Quelques Instagram prises ces dernières semaines, comme vous pouvez constater, parce que bon, maintenant, je suis à Bruxelles :) 


I) Homemade pizza
II) XIII ème arrondissement
III) Tiramisu Lover
IV) Pain aux raisins
V) Institut Français de la Mode
VI) Looking down
VII) Addicted  :) 
VIII) Opéra
IX) Tête à tête gourmand
X) Choco Pops & Café 
XI) Toute l'équipe H&M vous remercie de votre visite
XII) Accidental picture

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3 commentaires

  1. Brussels! I have spent approximately 24 hours in Brussels (it was my last stop before heading to London to catch my homeward-bound flight), and I loved it. I hope I can spend more time there one day. It is beautiful.

  2. pizza looks good.. i made some homemade flat bread pizza today.. came out great!

  3. h&m... je ne vois ça que trop svt, lol