A Vlog!

By Julie - jeudi, novembre 01, 2012


Hey guys, 

today i've decided to go with the "Girl Behind the Blog" Vlog link up. 
I know, i know, i'm feeling pretty social today  :) 

First i thought : a Vlog, huh? Nah, i'm gonna pass. But then i was like "oh well, that's not you weird almost russian accent that going to stop you, right?" 
And you know what? It did not stop me! 
Horrayy! I know ;) 

So we all had to present 3 things we can't get through the day without. Not one single little day. 
It was hard! Thanks materialistic world! 
I wanted to go with things like 'Calling my mom' 'Go for a walk' and 'Laughing'  would that have been lame? 
Anyway... Here is my vid! 

Oh, and if you don't understand a single word i say, you can try to Shazam me, we'll never know.
Just kidding. Ask me and i'll translate. 

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8 commentaires

  1. I did one on my last post aswell. VLOGS are so much fun but yours is much better

  2. This looks like so much fun to do :D, I think I might join the link up too! I tried vlogging once, but ended up with more outtakes rather than a decent vlog ;d

    xoxo Grace

  3. Ahhh I love your accent...you are so pretty lady! Thank you so much for linking up, I am glad I got to hear your voice. I feel like I know you a lot better :)

  4. Your accent is beautiful... And so are you!! Glad you linked up girl!

  5. You have beautiful eyes

  6. OMG i LOVE your french accent, seriously it is so cute!!

  7. You're so cute! I love seeing my bloggy friends talk, it's like you're suddenly real! Love your accent, you're not hard to understand at all :D