Hum... Yeah?

Hey guys!

Is it too soon to ask how was your week-end since this one is not officially over yet?
Anyway, mine was good, pretty good actually.

After work on friday i didn't really had plans for the evening so i decided to go walking around a bit.
With the christmas lights, the decorations, the cold breeze it was pretty nice to strolling around the old Paris, alone, with nice music.

Sometimes i can get a bit weird when it comes to walking around alone with no particular goal, i feel like everybody staring at me and knows that i just walk because i have nothing else to do.
That is just crazy, believe me i know that i can be a weirdo sometimes...

But luckily on friday night i was feeling perfectly fine (exept that i had a giant hole in my tights, after pull it up for the 543 times and readjust my dress every two step, i gave up and fully embrace my Mary-Kate Olsen's look!)
My walk turn into a tiny christmas shopping, then i decided to take the bus to go home and finally catching up on Dexter season 4!

On saturday i was invited to my dear friend and co-worker Youmna's birthday party!
She have a lovely studio on the XIVème, i met her sister and lots of her friends which was really nice.
On my way home (last subway), there was a group of people drunk as hell singing and butt-naked dancing (Yup!) partying like it was their last day on earth. It can makes smile when you're 20 and stupidly happy but when you're in your mid 30 and you ending your subway ride by throwing up your guts, believe me it is just pathetic!

Sunday was calm and relaxing as it should be! I've read, watched some tvshows, chat with friends and family, do the laundry, ate tons of chinese food and catch up with my favorite blogs!

Can't believe it is monday tomorrow already, damn!
I need extended week-end even if i have to say that work is bearable again.
I think i past my 'Mum, i don't wanna go to work!!!"  dark phase...  Aww, and we hiring!
So if you DO understand french and want to spend at least 6 months in Paris, let me know!
I will be happy to invit you in my personnal hell (just kiddig about that part! Is not really like hell, i mean not all the time)

What you guys have been up to?


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