On friday, J has his very first (and only) tattoo.
It wasn't something impulsive at all, we've got the appointment since two months.
He created the sketch and this amazingly gifted (and very tattooed) californian guy made it.
It was a little painful but way less than expected and he was really happy about the final result.

That is something i can't (and won't) ever do. But we discuss it for a long time, and i know that he has his motivation. I mean by that, J is not the kind of guy who's wanted to have a random tattoo just for playing bad ass, or as a way to express himself by a very "deep and tortured artistic way" No cliché here.

J have basically lived for art and more specifically street art for years and his nickname was Fantomas (character of an old french movie, more details here).

We recently had a conversation about our lives and about the past and futur changes.
He told me that he was feeling himself more than ever before since he moved to Paris with me, that he absolutely love his life and that he's feeling like a real grown up and not like a reckless boy as he used to before. 
So that was his way to archived that period of his life. 
Because now, it is time to let it go (his words!) and it is certainly time to move on. 

I can't wait to see what life has plan for us! 
I love him   :) 

 The Final Result 

* We went to Abraxas these guys are supposed to be the best,  and i have to say they are really professional, clean and friendly. They surely know their business.

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