Brrr... It's cold!

By Julie - mardi, novembre 08, 2011

Hello There!

Just passing by to say hi!
Is getting chilly in here. The time for hats, scarf and hot cocoa (or caramel hot milk!) had come.
I'm heading Brussels this week-end,  since J. have to work.
Instead of staying here alone, i will see my family and friends which i'm pretty excited about even if J. is going to miss me vewwwy much!

I also working on my Etsy shop, i will let you know all about it very very soon, i promise   :) 

Before i go, i feel the need to share some random details :

  • Lately, i'm going to bed way to late 
  • J is working way to late (which is related to fact N°1)
  • I've almost finish my book 'Before i go to sleep' it is good, scary but good!
  • I've bought some E.L.F products for the first time (Nailpolish, lipstick and concelear) and the least i have to say is : Not Disappointed! I'm usually a big fan of Chanel, UrbanDecay and Mac but, you know.... 
  • I can't stop listening Little Lovin' from Lissie (even if it's not a new one) 
  • I have decided to do some sport
  • But i don't know when i will start (ha!)
  •  I'm craving for a Speculoos cheescake (my mind cannot think about sport whitout thinking about cake right after. What is wrong with me?) 
  • Sometimes, I miss my old job 
  • We going to ask for our canadian visa this month
  • I really should go to sleep

Good night lovelies! 

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