Tintin : Le Secret de la Licorne

On Thursday night we went to the Grand Rex see the new Spielberg : Tintin!

J. loves Tintin since he was a kid, read them and collect them for years (I love my little nerd!)
In Belgium it's a cultural legacy, nothing less and to be honnest it was good, ok maybe even great.
And i really like the 3D so i was pretty happy!
I also have to say that it was our first time in the grand Rex and that place is just stunning!

We love eating at KFC! (even if every KFC in Paris always look crappy) 

Excuse my pale face, i have a cold and don't feel really good

Le Grand Rex , Paris II 

Looong Line 


Oh! And on our way home we saw the cutest thing ever : 

And i totally want to live there! 

With this person   :) 


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