This Girl will be missed!

By Julie - mercredi, octobre 05, 2011

That's my good friend Cécile.

I met her in Paris while she was freshly back from 7 years in London.
The thing who really brought us together (beside plenty of other stuff obviously!) was The USA.
She spent a couple of months there, all by herself, traveling around and now she leaves France to spending a year in Vancouver.

I'm so proud of you girl!!
You are the kind of person who remind me that dream are made to be realize, and it's a great feeling.

She also create a little blog that i will be glad to share when she will be ready to make it public!

See you very soon Cécyyyle  ;)

Here are some pics of her going away party (i took them on her facebook page but i don't think she will me mad about it  ;)

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