Random Facts about Me

By Julie - lundi, octobre 17, 2011

* i have studying criminology
* i could eat breakfast for every meal
* i have a really good memory
* i have watched the movie Practical Magic too many time
*  i have never smoke or bite my nails
* i had a really asian-type when i was a baby 
* Being caught under the rain always make me laugh 
* i'm not a "socializer", i usually prefer to stay home than being with strangers or at a party
* i do feel often misunderstood 
* i always follow my instinct 
* i already have the name of our futur child
* i love to wear comfy clothes
* My mom's side of family is from Germany and my dad's side is from Spain
* i never have surgery for anything (not even for wisdom tooth) 
* i wish i have 100 lives, to live 100 different ways
* i will be the happiest person on earth if i can work from home
* i sometimes cry when i talk to (or sometimes just see) a homeless person
* i won a costume contest at 7 years old 
* i may almost have accidentally put a kitchen on fire once (or two) 
* i also may have accidentally wipe a baby's butt with a kitchen cleaner's wipes instead of his baby's wipes, once 
* i am a big fan of Newlyweds (and i know Nick & Jessica aren't together anymore but i like them a lot) 

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