Such a Lucky Day!!

By Julie - mercredi, septembre 14, 2011

Today we had the most lucky day ever!!
Remember the place we where supposed to rent on October 1st?
Well, they called us to cancel. Just like that... Period
Don't want to talk about it.

Anyway, before becoming crazy, i send a couple of e-mails to different owners without too much faith.
I've got an answer back from a owner who asked us to come tonight for visiting the place, so we went.
The studio was lovely! In our price range! Near the subway! And there was not a hundrer people in front of us!
Sooo we sign the lease! The studio is OURS, i mean for real.
We going to move in next week!!

I'm soooo happy!
Made my day and even my month and definately our year! Haha

We going to live a great year!!   :)

Oh, and Paris real estate, i hate you!

Here are a couple of pics i took today :

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