I Don't Care About Fashion Week...

...Do this makes me a bad person?
That's the only thing eveyone is talking about since a week. It is kind of tiring...

New Topic : The Black Swan is Finally out on DVD!!

If you haven't seen Black Swan yet, you'd better hurry up to put your hands on it. Not only is the                                                                                          story breath-taking (For Real!), but the whole aesthetic of the film is so inspiring.
The beautiful ballet costumes were designed by Rodarte's Kate and Laura Mulleavy, whereas the characters' wardrobe was imagined by Amy Westcott. If the sisters did not get to be nominated for a BAFTA, they sure brought the whole imagery of Swan Lake to the screen.

Since I had some spare time, I collected a few pieces inspired by Black Swan and its characters.

In my head, this is what the white swan would wear : a mix of delicate pink, white and grey pieces with a touch of gold to warm it up a bit.

OdileEugenia Kim Jean headband - YSL lipgloss - Marni skirt - Miu Miu bra
Repetto shoes - Alexander Wang tank top - Babette Wasserman necklaceChanel Le Vernis - YSL ring - Ted Baker leggings -Valentino dress - Mulberry bag

And this is what her evil double would wear : black edgy pieces, studs, zippers, patent leather, strong make up and high heels. Looking at this, I realise that my version of the black swan really enjoys shopping at YSL, but who wouldn't?!

Eugenia Kim Jean headband - REDValentino dress - Chanel Le Vernis- Burberry lipstick
Adam Ostrich skirt - YSL bag - YSL ring - Mac pigments - Acne tank top -
YSL bracelet- Repetto shoes -  H&M shorts - Iris Van Herpen x United Nude shoes

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