Things i Like

By Julie - mercredi, août 10, 2011

In no particular order

1. Food
2. Tvshows
3. Driving fast with the windows down at dusk
4. Pale shades
5. Weird situations
6. Thunder
7. Good sleep
8. Surpise
9. Dreaming
10. Sometimes figuring out how I would get out of a situation if something sketchy happened. Popular sketchy situations include: Random zombification of all around me, mugging, atomic blasts, bomber attack, raptor attack, fire in my appartment. You know, just random stuff...
11. Roadtrip
12. America
13. Working on my laptop with a mug of tea cosily at home
14. Laugh
15. All the seasons
16. Old stuff
17. Good books
18. Real friends
19. Freedom
20. Life

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