Cauz' I'm Awkward and AWESOME!

By Julie - jeudi, août 18, 2011

The Awkward part :

Okay, so two days ago was my love's birthday, we went to meet friends, then dinner, then see a couple of shows by the Seine, then taking a few drinks, and beetween all those really fun parts, my feet strarts to really killing me! I mean, do you guys already have such a hard time that the only thing you want to do is remove your cute little shoes (i hate youuu!) and go bare foot?

The Awesome part :

I Did! I walk bare foot in the streets of Paris. I know this is kind of gross but i was feeling soooo relief that i didn't really care. And it all start with J :
We cannot find any cab, and the bus was not coming until 25 minutes or so. J. looked at me, remove his shoes, his socks and reached my hand. I did the same and we go home, hand in hand, feet on the dirty ground     :)

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