By Julie - samedi, juin 11, 2011

It's smells like summer since a few weeks and it feels soooo good :)
I'm a little sad to stay in Paris instead of being somewhere in Florida, alone in a small creek with my love but that's life...

I'm so excited about all our futur plans! We going to ask for our visa to Canada in a few months and we should live for Montréal in 10 months or so.
Before that we need to find a new appartment, studio or we could even try a sharing appartment since rent in Paris are crazy expensives (thank god it's not like NYC yet!) for those months.
MJ. is selling her appartment 'cause she wants to buy a place with her boyfriend, so for now it's all about brokers, persons who come to visit my (what? Okay almost mine!) place. Which i particulary hate since everything have to be clean all the time and i'm not exactly a tidy kind of girl...
We will start searching next month.

At work things are good, i've learn to be less under pressure and days are much more easier like that.

I'm all about love, friends, good music, good food, sun, peace, plans and good feelings :)

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