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By Julie - mardi, mai 03, 2011

Wierd day today...

I did get some water (wanted to step out of my office really bad so i went to the second floor) when i saw Ca. she's a supervisor in our international department. We chat a bit and there, totally out of the blue, she told me that she have been promoted to another job and she was thinking about me to replace her. What? Sorry? Who? Me? Are you kidding? (in my head) Hum... What? Sorry? Who? Me? Are you kidding? (out loud) (with a sharp voice).

She cannot be serious. I mean it's obvious that i don't care about what i'm doing. How anyone can even think about me?
I will say no, of course.. I'm moving back to Brussels at the end of the month and this offer will not make me considered the possibility of staying.
Which is kind of stupid i guess, it's a great opportunity and i am so DAMN lucky!
Sometimes i just don't understand myself.

Anyway, i just feel my life is not here...

I'm going to Brussels this week-end for the baptism of my niece. I will see my all family, i havent see them for a year or so, i'm sure it's going to be great.

I don't even know what i'm going to wear! I will probably buy a cute new dress and oh, did i tell you that i was totally broke??

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