En Mai, fais ce qu'il te plaît!

By Julie - dimanche, mai 01, 2011

Always loved May 1st!

Exept than this year, there is anybody to offer me some lilies..
I will propably have to buy some myself (pathetic right?) but i can't skip my chance to be lucky this year^^

There is a great sun today! Don't know yet what i will do thought. My friends are busy, so i can go to a park or take a walk or even taking a brunch alone OR i can stay home and watching True Blood. Hard to choose!

I went to a movie last night 'Animal Kingdom' and it was REALLY good! It's an Autralian movie about a criminal family. It's been a while that i didn't see such quality.

After that i went to C. party and i actually had a great time! I'm not a big partygirl but i like to have fun and i'm very curious but i'm not always confortable with people.
Usually i find them stupid or pointless and i feel like i have to pretend, even if i do it ten time less than before. I'm not shy at all it's just that i don't always enjoy company.
Even my friends don't really understand why i'm such an anti-social sometimes.

But at C. party i didn't know anybody exept her so it was a good practice. I spoke to a bunch of interesting people from everywhere (and i wasn't even drunk!). Most of them has living in Canada and had spend some times in USA, so whe had a lot of topics to discuss, which was great. And i've suprised myself having a really nice time.

When i came back home i've watched some MisFits episode, did i tell you that is was totally crazy about this show? GOSH!
When i first saw it, i didn't see anybody for a whole week. I went straight home after work for watching it.
I'm really addict to tvshows. I'm addicted to a lot of things actually (but good things only), like movies, music, books! I'm interested in anything. I love to fill me with goooood stuff.

I'm really hungry BTW!
And there is anything in here, arghh. Don't want to take off my pj, feeling so comfy at home.
Just a perfect lazy sunday minus the great breakfast, and since the breakfast is the most important part of a great lazy sunday, i'm just screwed!

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