Back on Track!

By Julie - dimanche, mai 22, 2011

Héhé feel good today!
I'm in a good mood and i've decided to really take some GOOD resolutions, like nooo doubts anymore, nooo questions and i want to stop being negativ, sacrastic (at least i will try) or pessimist! Just living the moment.
I'm so afraid to wasting my life and to losing some time that i trying to analyse every situation before, which of course is ridiculous because that is exactly a total waist of time :)

New Topic :
I went to the Christian Louboutin Store yesterday!
There was no line in front which was great, i didn't really want to wait hours for getting in.
I was lucky inside too, cause' i ve got the very last black pair at the right size!

After paying the 600€ and asking for a gift package, i went out white the cute Louboutin's bag.
Was so happy to didn't get to go to a bunch of different stores to find the perfect sandals to miss D. Birthday.

After that i went to meet my bestfriends Mj. at her place.
We chill for a while, get ready like only girls can do and head to the restaurant.
We where the first there, which when you now us, is a very hard thing to believe.
The other friends of D. arrived, some we do know some we don't, some really nice, some really shitty, but anyway, it was a good evening and we had very good food.
D. was over-excited about her gift    :)

After , i've slept at Mj's, i called J. and i went to bed.
This morning my Best-Friends-In-The-World brings me a great breakfast and we eat while watching Covert Affair.
I did not noticed how she miss me even if i saw her once or twice a week but always with someone else, like other friends or her boyfriend (who was to a bachelor party this week-end).
So i've spend a really great week-end and i'm (crazy to say that) ready to go working :)

Going to take a nap!

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