One day @ Rochas, Paris

By Julie - lundi, septembre 10, 2012

Remember here, when i told you everything about the meeting at Rochas? 
Well here are a couple more pictures of the event that the great team of My Little Paris send me! 

Vous vous souvenez il y a quelques temps, je vous expliquais ici ma super rencontre avec le nez attitré de la maison Rochas? 
Hé bien voici quelques photos supplémentaires prises par l'équipe My Little Paris! 

Ps : i don't know why i always have that awkard smile!

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2 commentaires

  1. Freebies, yeah! Lucky you!

    Also, I couldn't resist, but give you a little liebster award. You can check it here (, if you want to participate in this chain award thing. Probably you will have many things to do, so I thought that assigning you with one more would be a great idea :)

  2. You're so cute and lucky!! And awkward smile are the best ahaha!