By Julie - vendredi, octobre 19, 2012

Dear Tv shows, thank you for being back more interesting/intriguing/funnier than ever (Hello The Office season 9 and American Horror Story!) 

Dear fall, thank you for being there. Now i don't have to shave until next year and i can eat pretty much everything i want. 

Dear Paris, spring, summer, fall or winter,  i will never get tired of you

Dear Life, i'm ready for a change

Dear Xbox, i miss you 

Dear Halloween, i can't wait! I think i might go with a scary/bloody college girl's costume this year

Dear  Suprat' Party, i can't wait for you either! Wow, 2 parties in one week, who said i was boring?? 

Dear Diana (the camera, not my grand aunt), i can't believe i did not use you yet! 

Dear Iphone 5,  Nikon 1 j2, Lytro camera, Ralph Lauren glasses, Zadig & Voltaire coat, stop teasing me, i'm broke! 

Chères petites séries chéries, merci d'être de retour plus recherchées, plus travaillées et plus drôles que jamais (Big Up à The Office saison 9 et American Horror Story!)

Cher automne, merci d'être enfin là, grâce à toi je peux arrêter de m'épiler et m'empiffrer de M&M's. 

Cher Paris, printemps, été, automne, hiver, je ne me lasserai jamais de toi

Chère vie, je suis prête à te changer

Chère Xbox, jouer avec toi me manque

Chère Halloween, j'ai hâte! Je vais opter pour un costume d'écolière flippante et ensanglantée  je pense, cette année

Chère Surpat', j'ai hâte aussi! Waow 2 grosses soirées dans la même semaine, qui a dit que je ne savais pas m'amuser, hein?? 

Cher Diana (l'appareil photo, pas la grande tante), je n'arrive pas à croire que je ne t'ai pas encore utilisé depuis qu'on t'a offert à moi en cadeau d'anniversaire! 

Cher Iphone 5, Nikon 1 j2, Appareil Lytro, lunettes Ralph Lauren, Manteau Zadig & Voltaire, arrêtez de me narguer, je suis fauchée. 

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5 commentaires

  1. I watch Sons of Anarchy and I can't stand the American Horror Story commercials!!! I get freaked out easily haha. The worst thing about them is they're sneaky and short, you're just watching the screen trying to understand what's going on and then something creepy comes out and it's over haha

  2. I am watching so many things right now, and fall is finally here for good

  3. Lol "now I don't have to shave until next year!" too funny! That's how I Fall. Even though I still do. But wouldn't that be nice if we could really get away with it? Anyway, I just found your blog and it is TOO CUTE! I hope you're having a wonderful Weekend! xoxo


  4. Lool j'aime trop tes article Dear!!!