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By Julie - jeudi, juillet 26, 2012

Hi guys!
The sun have finally decided to show up in our little city!
Summer is here, mommy is too and life is good :)

Here are a few instagrams of the last few days. 

PS: Thanks for your e-mails regarding my last post, i do feel a bit better!

Hello mes lapins,

Comme vous avez pu le constater, le soleil a enfin décidé de pointer le bout de son nez!
L'été est bien là, maman aussi et la vie est plutôt douce :)

Voici quelques instagrams des derniers jours. 

PS: Merci pour vos e-mails concernant mon dernier post, ça va déjà mieux ;)

I've got it from my mama! 

Enjoying the sun

Tacos time! 

When i'll be a big girl, i will go to Paris! 

The Strategic Before War Team  

Souvenir from Marroco 

Casual Subway 

Office's Breakfast 

My Beautyyyyful sister and step bro' 

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1 commentaires

  1. I love watching pictures from everyday life. Those are great and the one with your mom is absolutely gorgeous :)