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By Julie - mercredi, décembre 14, 2011

As a Parisian expat, i've noticed several differences about French Girl and hum.. let's say the rest of the world,  when it comes to beauty.

Classy, elegant, stylish, magnificent... those are words who come in mind when you pictured a french women right?

So let's put you in a Parisian girl shoes in ten facts :

I)   Less is more!

And by that, I really mean less, as less make up (they don't get all dolled'up even before a party!), less hair fancyness and less colored outfit.

sonia rykiel mitaines

II) They wear flats!

Even at night. They are not carriyng high heels in their purse for changing it before a date or a party.
They just stay as they are... Simple and beautiful

eleonore bridge

III) They are NOT all smiling and friendly

They often look pissed. They sometimes can look agressive*. And they don't talk about their hopes and dreams with friends.

Don't think you will genuinely start a conversation, the look on their face just say 'don't talk to me'
If a girl is smiling on the subway or on the street, looking relax and happy, she's probably a tourist
If you have the chance of listening a random conversation between girls, do it. Be discret and don't be surpised by what you may hear, hah!

*Even if most of the time they are really friendly...

IV) They are making things 'sexy'

Like smoking or drinking and are not ashamed of it



V) They are educated

They talk about philosophy and history, they are studying law or medecin, they wear suit and are ambitious.
Smart is definitely sexy!


VI) They spend money on what's worthed

In things that last. Like basics.

The favorite brand of parisians are : Isabelle Marant, Vanessa Bruno, The Kooples, Zadig & Voltair, Maje, Comptoir des Cotonnier,  to name a few...
Good quality, amazing fabric, just gorgeous and yet so simple...

VII) They don't do fake

So they usually don't go to the tanning salon, don't wear fake acrylic nails nor hair extention.
They are not too blond or bi-colored haired.  In one word, they don't do tacky.
Pictured a Jersey shore and just do the exact opposite (It actually goes to your credibility as a human being, nothing less)

And honestly, who needs all this? Specially when you can be cute just like that...

VIII) They prefere Ben Simon instead of Converse

VIIII) They love 'Love'

A lot of french girls are in couple. Even if they are really young. Even if it's not last. Even if that love story doesn't going anywhere.
Even if they know that guy is not for them. They Love...

That fact is probably related to that breathtaking romantique city

X)  They are proud of their huge historical legacy

Let's face it, Not a lot of country can clame having the same historical background as France
That's probably where a part of the 'arrongance' came from...

Paris Fashion 2012 Street Style Paris 2011 2012

I know all that facts can sounds cliché (and french girls who will read this will say 'Mais putain, c'est n'importe quoi') but hey, cliché happend for a reason, right?!    ;)  

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5 commentaires

  1. Love them all, I was hoping you could follow me.

  2. I love this list. I read an article several years ago about how to "eat like a french woman": savor your food; eat only quality, whole ingredients; the conversation is just as important as the meal... and I've never forgotten it. Whenever I catch myself rushing through the day or eating quick food (not fast food, haha!) I remember to slow down and pretend I'm French :)

  3. this is awesome! and yes, let is definitely more, and flats are incredible!!!
    xo TJ

  4. love this! love your blog, found you from Genti's giveaway :)
    Parisian girls are always so effortlessly elegant looking, and i hate to say it, but yes they even make smoking sexy, when british girls make smoking look cheap!
    off to be your new follower :) (although it will be my other blog profile that comes up...not sure whats going on there lol

  5. Really nice and interesting blog! well done!a follower yet! please check out mine as well ( and follow me as well if you like it ;)))