Great Gal's Life

By Julie - lundi, novembre 21, 2011

I thought a few weeks ago about create the  "Great Gal's Life" posts
It's supposed to show you the life through the eyes of the great girls i'm lucky enough to call friends.
Just One Day of their Great Life....
Because, you know, sometimes other's life can be inspiring, interesting or even just let a happy feeling.

So without further adue, let's start this little project with my dear friend Cécile :

Cécile is born in France, when she turns 18, she arrived in London (on a January 1st) with her best friend.
They wanted to move, they needed a change and they were happy to arrived in a big and unknown city.
After two weeks her friend decided to headed home. Cécile stayed, lived in a hostel, found a job, found an appartment and spent 8 years in London... 

Then she decided she wanted to travel and choose to go backpaking across the USA for 3 months. 
Sometimes alone, sometimes with friends she met, she rented a car and she adventured the country across many states and many cities like NYC, Boston, Miami, New Orleans, Hawaii, Los Angeles, San Fransisco,...!

Then she move back to France. I met her in Paris, we were co-worker and became friends. 
As she has a the chance to have a visa to go to Canada for 1 year, she hesitated for a long time to leave Paris again, specially since she was back for less than a year. 
Stay in Paris or go to Canada. Go to Canada or stay in Paris... 
For some personal matters, she finally decided to take the leap and go. 

She's now living amazing new adventures in Vancouver... 


My Arrival

My youth hostel in Vancouver when i first slept

The house i can now call home

My Room

My lovely street

Walk to the bus stop

My bus

The first job i found in VC @ Terra Bread Bakery

The job i wanted and eventually got! @ The Urban Tea Merchant as a Tea Sommelier

New Friends

Her words :

"Originally i thought it would be a pain in the ass to go the laundromat each week but it's actually alright. You are stuck in a place that smells clean,  -- so i just sit there and think about nothing in particular. Just watch the wash go around and around, sit back and relax." 

I Definitely Love This Girl!!!
She's a kind and genuine person who's not afraid of chasing her dreams. And there is anything on earth i admire more than that.

Hope you did enjoy this first 'Great Gal's life' post   :)

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2 commentaires

  1. omg, so funny. thank you julie for sharing. You've inspired me so much while i was in Paris, i miss your good vibes sister! :)

  2. Your blog is...different. I'm not sure what it is yet but I like it.