Better, way better

By Julie - jeudi, novembre 10, 2011

Today J woke me up with a nice cup of coffee and lots of kisses.
We had a good breakfast and went to run some errands. After that,  we walk around the Grands Boulevards and you know what?? Christmas trees and the gorgeous and famous Christmas windows from The Printemps are all set, already!
We did some shopping, ate at Mc Donalds (and guess who wins 4 chiken nuggets from the Mc Donalds Monopoly? Ha!) and had a great after-noon.
My mood is definitaly up again, thanks to my man   :)

I'm ready to head Brussels tomorrow morning!

#1 Yes, we did play with the old photobooth! 
#2 Cute little ballerina
#3 It's Carl! 
#4 #5 #6 Chanel, Chanel and Chanel again 
#7 Le Printemps 


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3 commentaires

  1. superbes vitrines ! c'est bien karl lagerfeld la marionette? lol

  2. This sounds like the perfect day! Love these pictures!

  3. that seems like the perfect day, indeed! it makes me soooooo happy to see christmas decorations everywhere! :D

    <3, Mimi