Los Angeles

By Julie - jeudi, octobre 06, 2011

Today i particularily miss being in Los Angeles!
(Seriously it was freezing here)

I wanted to share a couple of pictures from my trip on the west coast a few years ago (it's been so long, really??)
But first, let me set the context :

In 2007, i was done studying, kind of confused and bored in life, wishing doing a gazillion things but had no clue on where to start.
One morning, it hit me : I have to go... Where? Just far away..

I'd start asking myself in what country do you see yourself living for a while?
And for the first time in my life, i was absolutely sure about the answer. Yep, my friend, it was the States!

My official reason was of course, improving my english.
My unofficial reason was that i wanted to experience life by my all self, far away. In a place where i didn't know a soul but who looked familiar at the same times (thanks to movies!). You see what i mean?


I was about to start searching when i discover franceservice.com
As the lazy girl i usually am, i decided to put an add and let it happened.
And you know what's the craziest yet fabulous thing? It happened!!
2 days later, the most kind, fun and loving californian family answers me.

After that (many phone calls from them, tears for family, sleepless nights, and histerical laugh crisis) i was on the plane excited as a little girl.
I knew that i will loved L.A but i didn't expect what i've experienced. I really fell hard for that city.
And people can say wathever they want, i don't care, L.A Rocks!

Those 6 months were amazing. Full of days at the beach, new friends, gorgeous landscap, hollywood sign, movie stars, driving alone with music, new food experiences, trip to Vegas & Palm Springs, Reese's, mexican food, 99$ Only grocery store, introspection, peaceful and happy people, yoga (what?? It's L.A after all... ) and thousand of Donuts!

During all those months, i felt like a real part of the family even if Jasper & Charlotte were big kiddos (13 & 15 years).  I can't even believe they are now both in college!!
Man life past so fast   :(

I was AMAZINGLY lucky to find them, and believe me,  i know (it's happend to my friend) that it could have been a nightmare with a mean family.
I really hope have the chance to meet them this summer during our road trip! I miss their happy faces  :)

The last 3 weeks, my best friends came. We rent a house and a car and we had the best time EVER!

Fashion District

Downtown LA


One of my absolute favorite place : The Grove

Mj, me and Wafah

The Standard

At Universal Studio

Venice Beach...

Disney Center, Downtown L.A

My Dear Charlotte

Las Vegas Pool

Hollywood Bldv



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