What is love?

By Julie - lundi, septembre 05, 2011

I saw that on The Sassy Kathy's blog and i can not help but wonder is that true?
So why do i think this is the most depressing things on earth?

I know i'm idealistic beyond word but i have always pictured The Perfect Guy. And that Perfect Guy wouldn't make mistakes, and will thinking about me every moment. I will be his whole world. And he will never disappoint me. He will be everything i am and everthing i am not at the same time.
I dream of true fusional love, another century's love.

Childish right? Lame. Even delusional at some point.
Guys likes peaceful and drama-free relationships.
But what dreamy girls like me can do against that?
I am from the Dirty Dancing & Pretty Women generation, and even in those movies i think Patrick and Richard had disappointing reactions though.

Sometimes i would kick my own butt! Grown up Lady, it's time...
I try, i swear.
But neither years, experiences or life make up my mind.
I know that if i do not stop analyze every single details of every single reaction, i will be a very sad girl. The worst part, is i will make my own self very sad.
Life cannot be perfect all the time. I know it. My head knows it. My heart not so much.
Is it honnest to lower your expectations? Or is it just open your eyes to real world?

Maybe, for me, thinking perfection exists, it's a way to escape sometimes the not so-plaisant (or not so perfect?) reality. Or maybe that i want someone who adores me so much that it magically gave me the self-confidence who miss me so much?
I don't know.

I beginning to feel really ashamed by my meaningless comments but i have to say, i'm lucky to have a great man, who can make feel to the drama queen i am how close to perfection he is sometimes.

Of course there is days where i feel comletely misunderstood but i am working on it.
And i finally begin to understand that it is my problem, not his.

Sorry honey for being such a pain in the ass sometimes!

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