The perfect day off

By Julie - vendredi, septembre 09, 2011

Today, i allowed myself to take a day off.
I don't do that often, and specially when J. is not home too. It's always great to spent time together far (faaaar away) from the office. But today was different.

I needed a day just for me. To do absolutely nothing but things i like.
I don't feel so great lately. I can't really put my finger on the problem but i'm stressed, i cry easily, i making silly nightmares every night and wake up upset.

So since J. wakes up super early to go to work, i've decided to start my day with him for once.
That's the best way to start a perfect day off...

    #1                                                               6.30 AM

    #2                                                                  8 AM

#3                                                                    11am

#4                                                                      12.30 PM

     #5                                                                 2.30 PM

#1 : Early Breakfast
#2 : Blogging
#3 : Elevator pictures (lot less fun without J.)
#4 : Meeting J. for lunch
#5 : Meeting Cécile & having fun with her photo booth!

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