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By Julie - mardi, août 09, 2011

I finally found a pair of Flip-flop!
Those aren't supposed to be so rare, but since i am in Paris and there is nothing but rain rain rain since two months...
The sellers judged necessary to replace every single summer item by depressing stuff as boots, coats and spacesuit (ok, maybe not spacesuit but still). It is just sad.
I feel like someone stole my sunny and fun summer to skip directly into fall! Don't get me wrong, i love fall! But i do love summer too and i absolutely don't want to choose beetwen them. And i don't want to have a 6 months fall either.
But you know what? it's okay

I'm leaving with J. thursday very early in the morning! We are going to follow La Route Du Soleil!
Sounds lovely, isn't it?
We love road trip! We will meet my family there and i can't wait to see them.
It's been way to long (3 months exactly).

J. loves camping and since i wanted to try, we booked one for 4 nights.
I have ask him why we did not start by 1 little night and see if we (i) really wanted to stay longer, but he smile and start teasing me so i click on the "booking" button very quick.
You know sometimes a gal needs to take risks, right? Like sleeping in a tente while her family have a gorgeous house a couple of miles away!
I'm sure it would be fun though   :)

So here is a picture of my new flip-flops (and let me tell you they are great and confortable and did not make an awful clac-clac-clac noise while you walking!)
Tonight, after work, i have to go to a sports shop to buy a swimsuit (please don't laugh, that is just horrible).

And for those who ask themselves what kind of girl doens't own a single bikini or swimsuit, here is the answer : When i first came to Paris it was supposed to be for 3 months (sept-oct-nov) so of course, i did not took any of them with me. After, when my stay was prolonged it was winter, then when spring and summer arrived i thougt "i don't care about bikinis, i don't take vacations this year".
The ironic thing is i have at least 20 bikinis at home (in Brussels).

Okay, so now you guys know everything, i have to stop talking.
I really have.

Thanks for listening/reading


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