Lazy Sunday

By Julie - dimanche, mai 01, 2011

Not so productive day today, but it's sunday so it's not a big deal, right?
Can't believe the week-end is already over..

It's kind of crazy at work right now and i'm making long hours. Can't believe i'm invested in something i don't even care. Anyway it's not for long now, i will be relief soon and till that i will continue to gave the best i can.

It was great to talk to my family today. I have my mother very often on the phone, but today i've got my aunt and my father too. I've always love to travel and i alway wanted to live some place else, like America or Canada, but it's hard to be far away from them.

I already have spend 6 months in Los Angeles and 3 months in New York City but i came back home for a couple of months between every trip. This time is the first time i've been far for a long time and even if Paris is near Brussels, i didn't see my family more than once a month.
They seems to handle it well, exept for my little sister. She's always very sad when she sees me living. She's crying and don't understand why i cannot be happy in my home town like everybody else. I'm trying to explain that there so much more in the world to see and to try, but shes' to young to understand for now.
And it always breaks my heart when i have to say goodbye to her.

Now of course she's thrilled to know that i'm coming back home!
She's even more than happy to let me sleeping in her bed. I'm sure she has already plan tons of activities she will force me to do, like playing school, or restaurant, or God knows what else..
But i have to say that i will be more than happy (and moody) to play...

I wanted to watch some good movies or reading a good book today, or doing something that doens't sound like a waist of time but here i am, watching a documentary about bees (interesting thought but kind of nerdy) while eating an old bag of chips, with crazy hair and a totally geek t-shirt.
Don't know, i feel like if i was all dolled-up with some make up and clean hair, with a cute little nightgown on it would'nt seems right. You know what i mean?
For real nobody does that, right?
Especially when you know there will be anyone who will come get you home.

So it is kind of cool to be single in a way.
When i have a boyfriend i like to be perfect (at least i try to).
So now, it's good to be free to not shaving, to having some lame polish on toenail and wearing a StarWars T-shirt.
At least during the week-end.. 'Cause during the week, i have to be really pretty for work (how silly is that?)
My co-workers are convinced that we are hired for our physics. And i have to say there is just girls (women) between 25 and 35 years old working with me. And they all looks good (great).

Unfair, shoking, revolting? Yeah... they are Bastards and i'll bet they know it!


I soon be back to my old job, the one where you can come as you are and where nobody will never said a bad word about it, the one where you can eating 2 desserts and nobody will be alarmed by the amout of carbs you just ate.

Now It Says, 'scuse me but i have to work on my abs ;)

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