1st day of the rest of my Parisian life...

By Julie - samedi, avril 30, 2011

In just a month now i'll be back in Brussels.

I'm oddly happy. I will see my family, my friends and getting back to my old job.
I'm working there since three years (minus this 9 months gap) in a lab, as a medical assistant.
It's a very quiet job who not request a lot of brain utilisation, which is great for me since i'm a very lazy person when it comes to do things i'm not passionate about.
I can spend my work time there writing, reading (discretely) and thinking. It's a place where i feel safe and comfortable. Plus, they're seems really happy to have me back there!
My co-workers are working there they're whole life and patients are around 200 years old.

I will go back to my mom's for a few time. She's living with her 'husband' who's away a lot for work, with my brother of 25 who's basically is doing not much of he's life (sorry bro!) and my little sister of 8 !
She's a tiny me, and i absolutely lover her. As they living in an appartment, i will be sleeping in my little sister's bed (please don't laugh!). I try to not really thinking about me sleeping in a pink princess room at 28 years old, or i would cry my eyes out.

I will enjoy my last few weeks in Paris at the most.

Tonight i'm going to a housewarming of a co-worker, C.
She's a nice girl (and the only one to know i will quit my job soon).
She have spend the last 7 years in London and she just arrived in Paris.
She have visited the US, like me, and we both can speek about it for hours.

It's seems like the only person who can understand me, are those who also love to travel around and see the world.

Really happy to see that i'm not the only one who want to do a million things, Who have a million dreams, Who will do anything to make these dreams come true :)

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