The Haunted House by Eleonore Bridge

For those who understand french, i highly recommend you to check Eleonore's blog.
She rocks! Great idea, amazing pictures, .... I just love how creative and inspiring blogs are!
This parisian girl surely knows her stuff!  :)

Love it!

J’ai lu des livres qui font peur, j’ai dormi, j’ai rêvé qu’une très grosse araignée courait sur mon lit, j’ai vu un petit jouet s’avancer vers moi et j’ai senti comme un souffle chaud dans ma nuque.
Il m’a réveillée en sursaut, j’ai mis quelques minutes à me débarrasser de cette vilaine impression et j’ai senti à nouveau quelque chose, quelque chose d’encore plus terrifiant : une envie pressante de faire pipi.
J’allais devoir traverser le grand couloir qui fait peur pour aller jusqu’aux toilettes, marcher dans la pénombre en pensant très fort à celui qui me suivrait sans se faire voir, laisser les grands portraits me regarder du coin de l’œil en ricanant, et le sol crisser sous mes pieds.
Alors j’ai mis mes chaussons douillets à pompons pour me donner du courage, j’ai allumé une bougie, j’ai jeté un coup d’œil au grand couloir pour le défier un peu et je suis partie l’affronter…

I don't know about you but i love pictures story, and that house, that vintage design ....kind of creepy but i'm sure it's pretty gorgeous during the day!  :)


If you ask my phone about my week-end

And i also have to confess that i went to see this :

*There is a few things that i need to say but i don't really feel up to right now. I need to proceed, to adjust and to accept some changes in my life first. And even if it's a particularly rough time i will do my best to keep my blog at his best.

Thanks for being there


Crazy about this :

I'm really, completely, madly crazy with these shows at the moment!

What can i tell? Those funny ladies are the only things i have to cheer up my mood lately, so please, don't judge me   :)


E- Secret Santa

As you may know by now, i'm a BIG fan of The Office and i've always wanted to be part of a Secret Santa!
Since it's not going to (ever) happend in my very own office, those ladies had the great idea to organize a bloger-worldwide-secret-santa!

For more information click on the picture and join us  ------>

Wise Week-end Word

Image from Tumblr (don't know the exact source)*


My Little Paris...

Hi everyone,

Hope, you my american friends, had a great thanksgiving.
We don't celebrated in here, as you know, which is a little sad cause there is anything i like better than eating tons of delicious food surrounding by the people i love. Luckily Christmas is coming very soon now!

Here are a few random shots of the city that i took with my phone these past weeks...