I'm a Thankful kind of Girl

So today i wanted to say Thank You for all those little (and BIG) things who's making my life so great.....

-Thank you for the book i found on sunday!
(Someone have put a bunch of new books on the window still of an old house just around the corner with a little note "A donner, servez-vous et bonne journée!"
I took one book i had planned to buy (Before i go to sleep)! Definitaly made my day!

- Thank you for the two gorgeous vintage shirt i found at the thrift store.
- Thank you for our a pretty little nest we can now call home.
- Thank you for the great wheather.
- Thank you for the quick subway ride i took to go working every morning.
- Thank you for the good coffee and so so good croissant all around the city.
- Thank you for my good health.
- Thank you for my loving family (i miss them soooo much!)
- Thank you for all the good songs (like the one from Captain Kid - We and I. Can't get over it)
- Thank you for every plan & dream we have for the futur
- Thank you for that hot shower with just the right amount of pressure
- Thank you for our new neighberhood (trendy and convenient)
- Thank you for great inspiration i find all around blogs
- Thank you for all the "Petit Marseillais" and "Le Baume Du Randonneur" products (i love all of you!)
- And finally Thank You for having J. ( he's washing dishes, he's cooking great meals, he makes me laugh and he's there when i wake up at night after a bad dream. Which to be honnest, happend a lot lately..)

Have a Great Day!    :)


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(Belated) Wise Week-end Words!

Live without pretending.
Love without depending.
Listen without defending.
Speak without offending.

Gooood Week-end!

Hi Everybody!

How was your week-end?

Let me tell you that ours was awesome!
That was the first in our new little studio, and we loved it (exept the 3 weeks waiting for INTERNET! Gasp)
We have walking around our new neighborhood and, again, we LOVED IT!

On friday night, J. took me to a little date-burger!
Who was almost turned into a double date, since a middel-aged couple from Norway sitting next to us couldn't stop talking and asking questions about Paris, our life, and random stuff.
They were actually really sweet and called us "an adorable couple"       :)

On Saturday we took an unavoidable step to IKEA with my friend D.
Then we manage to decorate and arrange the place (did i tell you how much we love it??)
That evening we went to a "Belgian New Year Party" with some friends.
The band weren't that great and the place either actually,  but we were in good company!

Then come the lazy sunday, where we walk, we thrift (i've finally found a great thrift store in Paris and it's 10 min from home!), we went to the Sacre Coeur (which is also 15 min walk from home!) and on the evening we made a romantic little dinner and watch The Secret of Brokeback Montain.

I wish week-ends never end..

And here are a few pics!

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One of those conversation

Her : Do we also have to follow the traffic code as cars  in bike?

Him : Well..... Yeah

Her: Oh...... Okay.....

Ps : The "Nicknames" Him & Her have been choosen to protect identity of people we know...

Ps² : And for "Her" defense, she is not really used to bike...

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Polka Dots!

Jeans : Zara
Polka Dots Shirt : thrifted
Ballerine : Le Secret de Sophie

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Today Style

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Sometimes i get really bored at work...

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I Love Life : Reason #76

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1st Night

Yesterday was our very first night in our new little* home! We had almost nothing exept our toothbrushes and clothing change but without hesitation we decided to spend the night.
We had no tv, no dvd, no laptop.
We read together, we talk (long), we laugh (hard) and then, we fell asleep.
It was a perfect and sweet night and the better part is, it is just the beginning!

*By "little" i didn't mean it in a cozy way (even if it's cozy indeed) but i mean litterally little. like teeny tiny. Our lovely little home above the roofs of Paris!

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Jenna Lyons

I like being inspired by ambitious women around the world So here is a bit more about...

...Miss Jenna Lyons, President and Executive Creative Director Of J. Crew Group Inc. since 1999.

City : New York ,  NY
Sector : Services/Apparel Stores
Officer since janvier 1999
42 Years Old
Ms. Lyons has been the Company President, Executive Creative Director since July 2010,
and before that served as Executive Creative Director since April 2010.
Prior to that, she was Creative Director since 2007 and, before that, was Senior Vice President of Women Design since 2005.
Ms. Lyons joined J.Crew in 1990 as an Assistant Designer and has held a variety of positions within the Company, including Designer from 1994 to 1995, Design Director from 1996 to 1998, Senior Design Director in 1999, Vice President of Women?s Design from 1999 to 2005
And here is a peek inside her Brooklyn home :    (that is just perfection! Love it) 
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...Is Such A Good Day!


Belgian Sea

This week-end we went to Coxyde.
Coxyde is on the belgian coast (Yes, there is beaches in Belgium, in case you didn't know! And for those who don't know where Belgium is well... sorry but i can do anything for you)


Our little trip begin on friday morning. We rent a car and went straight to Brussels. We saw our families, i went to pick up my little sister at school, she was soooo surprised! Her face was worth it the whole way there!
We spent the whole afternoon with them, playing Wii, talking and laughing. That was just perfect as always.
Then around 6pm we made our way north and head the north sea. The apartment of my friend Sarah is really nice and righttt on the beach. The view from the balcony is gorgeous!

The weather was awful. Lot of rain! So we didn't really enjoy the beach as much as i was hoping to but it was nice to be far away from Paris.

We had a really nice time over there and are now more than readyyyy to move into our new little home   :)

                                                           We like elevator pictures!!

                                                              And...... Action!

                                                                  After the rain

                                                              He won 3 times....

                                                                       Coffee Time!

                         Don't pay attention to this wayyy to big jacket! It's J. and it was freezing!

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