1st day of the rest of my Parisian life...

In just a month now i'll be back in Brussels.

I'm oddly happy. I will see my family, my friends and getting back to my old job.
I'm working there since three years (minus this 9 months gap) in a lab, as a medical assistant.
It's a very quiet job who not request a lot of brain utilisation, which is great for me since i'm a very lazy person when it comes to do things i'm not passionate about.
I can spend my work time there writing, reading (discretely) and thinking. It's a place where i feel safe and comfortable. Plus, they're seems really happy to have me back there!
My co-workers are working there they're whole life and patients are around 200 years old.

I will go back to my mom's for a few time. She's living with her 'husband' who's away a lot for work, with my brother of 25 who's basically is doing not much of he's life (sorry bro!) and my little sister of 8 !
She's a tiny me, and i absolutely lover her. As they living in an appartment, i will be sleeping in my little sister's bed (please don't laugh!). I try to not really thinking about me sleeping in a pink princess room at 28 years old, or i would cry my eyes out.

I will enjoy my last few weeks in Paris at the most.

Tonight i'm going to a housewarming of a co-worker, C.
She's a nice girl (and the only one to know i will quit my job soon).
She have spend the last 7 years in London and she just arrived in Paris.
She have visited the US, like me, and we both can speek about it for hours.

It's seems like the only person who can understand me, are those who also love to travel around and see the world.

Really happy to see that i'm not the only one who want to do a million things, Who have a million dreams, Who will do anything to make these dreams come true :)

Once Upon A Time in Paris Part II

So, as you can read on my first post, i'm freshly employed by a luxury parisian compagny.
All my friends are more exited than me about it, the only thing i keep in mind it's no more jeans or sneakers during the week^^

I'm a 27 years old single girl living in Paris with a very good job, Yay!!
Days, Weeks and Months has past so fast, that i feel i just woke up this morning and yesterday was eight months ago. That idea is kind of scary. Time past, life past...

I should feel fully happy, and I AM someway, believe me. I do realize how lucky i'm and with what disconcerting ease my life's happend.
But i don't exactly feel complet already. And it have nothing to do with love, soulmate and bullshit like that. It's just that i want more, i expect more than life.
It's may feels arrongant or unrealistic but it's a gut's feeling.

That's why, after almost nine months in Paris, i've decided to go back in Brussels, my hometown.
Not for finding THE thing who miss me right now, but for being in a place who makes feel i don't belong so bad that i want to move again!
Crazy huh?

In Paris, i could easily feel comfortable enough to settle here and not searching for more. Playing the game of life and pretend to be fully happy. Finding a husband and doing the same boring job for the rest of my life.
That idea is making me sick.
Not for the husband and the daily grind part, because somehow i love that kind of tradionnal life. I've just didn't found the right place, person and job i will stay, share with and do my whole life.

I woke up very early this morning. I'm complaining during the week for finally being awake an hour later on a saturday, whitout no reason.
Too much things in my head right now propably.

I'm watching Glee on television. I used to think it was shity but i'm kind of really like that Sue Sylvester character!

I'm living in Paris for 8 months now. And i've actually absolutely loved my time here.
I am from Brussels, Belgium, And i'm about to getting back home, in just a month now...

I'm moved here after a bad breakup. My best friend lives in Paris since a couple of years now and she ask me to come. Whitout thinking twice
I've asked my boss for a sabbatical, i've packed light and i came to the city of lights. It was supposed to be for three months, the right time for taking a break, changing my mind, making new friends,..
MJ have a big studio in the XXème, where she doens't lives since she moving with her boyfriend. So the studio is all mine. I like that place, even if it's not the real parisian appartment whit high ceiling and moldings that i absolutely love.

I spend my first few weeks to visit every part of town. I already knew a few people here exept Mj, and since then, some has become close friends.
After two months, i become somehow a little bored (I know, shame on me..) so i've send some resume without real faith. The next day my phone rang, it was a interview call, which i past well since they ask me to come for a formal interview the day after.

The headquarters of "Laduree" are on the VIème arrondissment of Paris, in Saint Germain.
An amazing neighberood! In a five story typical & elegant parisian house.
The minute i saw Bertille, the HR rep, i knew i will have the job.
And, actually, i DID!
Even if i hadn't the right diploma, and no experience at all in that field.
Here i am, the new Codification Assistant of the financial service with a permenent contract and a decent salary.

Of course i still have my job in Brussels, but i didn't really think of it at the time. I wanted to try something else, and see..
The first month went pretty fast! I had no idea what i was supposed to do, and for being honest, i've always hated working with numbers. My supervisor was (and still is) very nice, and patient even when i do really dumd things (and believe me, i do!) she sometimes have to explain me a countless number of time the same thing. The truth is i don't pay attention caus' i don't care.
I know that is just for some time and certainly not the job of my life.