Nouveau Design!

Nouvelle année, nouveau design! 
Mon petit blog s'est fait une beauté
Je voulais un interface épuré, blanc, plus simple, plus clean
Et donc.... Tadaaaaaaaa 
Bon, ok, c'est du fait maison et le résultat n'est certes pas aussi époustouflant que je le souhaiterais mais j'en suis quand même pas mal contente  ;) 

My dear dear english speaking readers, first thing first, thank you so much for being here, for coming back post after post, for your comments, for your email and kind words, that means a lot!
I have some serious issues with my WordPress blog and i can't post any pictures anymore. While i'm trying to figuring out why, i'm going to translate every post in here, like i was doing before. Which is probably the simpliest way. 
This little blog just got a brand new design for a brand new year. Hope you'll enjoy it and join me for the ride! 

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