Belgian Sea

By Julie - lundi, septembre 19, 2011

This week-end we went to Coxyde.
Coxyde is on the belgian coast (Yes, there is beaches in Belgium, in case you didn't know! And for those who don't know where Belgium is well... sorry but i can do anything for you)


Our little trip begin on friday morning. We rent a car and went straight to Brussels. We saw our families, i went to pick up my little sister at school, she was soooo surprised! Her face was worth it the whole way there!
We spent the whole afternoon with them, playing Wii, talking and laughing. That was just perfect as always.
Then around 6pm we made our way north and head the north sea. The apartment of my friend Sarah is really nice and righttt on the beach. The view from the balcony is gorgeous!

The weather was awful. Lot of rain! So we didn't really enjoy the beach as much as i was hoping to but it was nice to be far away from Paris.

We had a really nice time over there and are now more than readyyyy to move into our new little home   :)

                                                           We like elevator pictures!!

                                                              And...... Action!

                                                                  After the rain

                                                              He won 3 times....

                                                                       Coffee Time!

                         Don't pay attention to this wayyy to big jacket! It's J. and it was freezing!

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