That's a first

By Julie - lundi, juillet 25, 2011

Here it's the very first time i'm blogging from work.
It said enough on my mood, don't you think?

I'm starting to be office-intolerant, ughh.
Days are just long extended very quiet hours who are grub all my so-precious time.
I'm not here to complaining at all, i even start to think that sometimes being bored as hell can be a good thing (when you have a blog!).

Of course i try to look on the bright side, i have a very decent salary, convenient schedules, nice co-workers so what? Well, i'm feeling sad here, bored, almost useless (not in the company but in life), when you spend your day sit in your ass just dreaming about some place else it is really depressing.
I expect more, I want more from life. Fulfill every moments with great experiences, interesting people, inspiring things. Sounds ridiculous right? I'm talking stupid-dreamy-teen-queen shit but i can't help myself...
I hate loosing time!

Exept that part, everything is perfect right now.
J. found a job!
He seems satisfied and since we have found a place to live, all our (teeny-tiny) problems are solved. I'm really happy with him, for good :)

I have discover a LOT of great blogs lately (i will make a list soon).
Which is great caus' it makes you feel (at least make me feel) you're not the only one!
To what? Anything! (You can't make a perfect soufflé? Me neither! You don't have the motivation to go running an hour every morning? Me neither! You and your fiancé fight over a movie or a tvshow (BreakingBad Vs Drop Dead Diva)? Me too! You are a great business self-employed women who is about to conquer the world? Well ok.. i'm not but gosh i wish!!

Maybe i have developed a very commun unhealthy sickness : curiosity! Thanks the 2.0 generation.

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