14th Of July!

By Julie - jeudi, juillet 14, 2011

Firstival :

We did!
We found a place. It's perfectly located, 20' from works. One block to the subway in a great neighborhood ( Bastille) surrounded by trendy bars and restaurants. The appartment is a big 3 bedrooms. We have a big one, square, white walls, big window, perfect!
The roomates are nice, one boy who came back from Autralia and New Zeland and one girl who is really involved with charity and volunteering, they both our age.

Secondival :

Today is the 14th of July!
I hope for a great sun, cauz' we are going to a picnic with some friends and after probably see open concerts and watch the fireworks at the Eiffel Tooower.

Yesterday J. and i went to a party on the docks (Xème arrondissement). It was crazy!
Tons of people, good music, dancing, drinking wine. Was really fun.

I'm going to enjoy that looong week-end at the most. Want to spend such quality time : Sleeping (even if i went to bed around 3.30am and i'm awake since 9 this morning!), eat things i love, watch The Office season 7, try to get (even a small) tan, see my friends, laugh with my love :)

We where supposed to go meet my mum, my step-father and my little sister in the south but i've wait to long to buy the train tickets and when they werent soldout they were crazy expensive (Stupid national day!). Sooo... sadly, any so much waited/wanted family time for this month   :(

I finally get myself to the idea of staying here a year more and i'm fine with it.
But i have constantly need some escape (books, movies, tvshows, blogs, websites) to reminding me what i really want. Crazy right?
So wanted to be in a Florida beach, or in a Californian park, or in a Louisianna small town, or in New Orleans right now.
Instead, i'm in Paris living a very city dweller and urban life...
I know, i know, i am lucky! Paris is amazingly great but i just feel that is not for me long term speaking.
It's a strange feeling to be under the impression that you belong elsewhere.
As Eric Weiner said :

"Maybe Happiness is this : Not feeling like you should be
elsewhere, doing something else, being someone else"

And that awesome dude is sooo right!

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