Once Upon A Time in Paris Part II

By Julie - samedi, avril 30, 2011

So, as you can read on my first post, i'm freshly employed by a luxury parisian compagny.
All my friends are more exited than me about it, the only thing i keep in mind it's no more jeans or sneakers during the week^^

I'm a 27 years old single girl living in Paris with a very good job, Yay!!

Days, Weeks and Months has past so fast, that i feel i just woke up this morning and yesterday was eight months ago. That idea is kind of scary. Time past, life past...

I should feel fully happy, and I AM someway, believe me. I do realize how lucky i'm and with what disconcerting ease my life's happend.
But i don't exactly feel complet already. And it have nothing to do with love, soulmate and bullshit like that. It's just that i want more, i expect more than life.
It's may feels arrongant or unrealistic but it's a gut's feeling.

That's why, after almost nine months in Paris, i've decided to go back in Brussels, my hometown.
Not for finding THE thing who miss me right now, but for being in a place who makes feel i don't belong so bad that i want to move again!
Crazy huh?

In Paris, i could easily feel comfortable enough to settle here and not searching for more. Playing the game of life and pretend to be fully happy. Finding a husband and doing the same boring job for the rest of my life.
That idea is making me sick.
Not for the husband and the daily grind part, because somehow i love that kind of tradionnal life. I've just didn't found the right place, person and job i will stay, share with and do my whole life.

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